Next-level Hq OPPORTUNITY.


An opportunity to develop a headquarters in an easily accessible, central location—with amenities that extend the experience beyond the office.

Floor plan

Floor plan
Floor 50 Floor 45 Floor 44 Floor 41 Floor 40 Floor 37 Floor 27 Floor 26 Floor 23A Floor 23B Floor 22A Floor 22B Floor 21 Floor 20 Floor 19 Floor 18 Floor 17 Floor 16 Floor 12 Floor 11 Floor 10 Floor 09

Floor 45

Floor 44

Floor 41

Floor 37

Floor 22A

Floor 22B


50Suite 50207,178Immediate
45Suite 453011,349Immediate
44Suite 44205,925Immediate
41Full Floor26,206Immediate
40Full Floor26,206Immediate
37Suite 37107,995Immediate
27Full Floor25,444Immediate
26Full Floor25,187Immediate
23ASuite 23106,388Immediate
23BSuite 233013,337Immediate
22ASuite 22404,296Immediate
22BSuite 22706,451Immediate
21Suite 21209,309Immediate
20Full Floor24,841Immediate
19Full Floor24,829Immediate
18Full Floor24,829Immediate
17Full Floor24,919Immediate
16Full Floor24,900Immediate
12Full Floor24,359Immediate
11Full Floor24,359Immediate
10Full Floor24,326Immediate
09Full Floor24,351Immediate

Modern workplace.

Generous floor-to-window ratios combined with the set-back plaza setting mean even low floors are flooded with ample daylight.

Core & shell plan

Floor 20 shown
Core and shell plan

Room to breathe.

The wide, set-back plaza setting and surrounding green space to the west means more daylight, fewer shadows, and plenty of views.